Railway Maintenance Equipment -Sleeper Changer(HMBH80-Gold)

      The new attachment sleeper changer HMBH-08Gold  is a multifunction device for filling and removal  of  ballasting as well as replacement of single sleepers and several successive sleepers.  The unit is attached to a railroad excavator or to a track machine also supplying the hydraulic .


Products Introduction

 What is a Sleeper Changer? 

Our pentented excavator attachment- Sleeper Changer is a multifunction device to filling and removal of covering as well as replacement of railway sleepers. The attachment will be mounted on a railroad excavator or on a track machine which can supply the hydraulic power required. 

The hydraulically operated sleeper tongs as well as a rotator which can 360 degree turning allow for safe and careful removing and laying of concrete sleepers B55/58,B70,wooden sleepers as well as concrete blocks and steel T-bars.


HMBH80-Gold Sleeper Changer Features

       What Work the Sleeper Changer can Do? 


A great step on railway construction  Mechanization



A small railway line construction:





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