Side Type Hydraulic Breaker

HOMIE HMBR series hydraulic breaker designed for mount on 7-35Ton excavator.Mainly using for crushing stone and concrete in mining, railway,highway metallurgy, architecture etc .Available model SB50 SB70 SB81 SB121.

Products Introduction  


The side hydraulic breakers are mostly used for mountain breaking , and are manufactured with a smaller number

of parts. The faults are less, and it is easy to repair and maintain. Therefore, the side hammers are more convenient

for maintenance.

Depending on the model, our breakers are developed to efficiently crush oversized boulders weighing over 150 tons.

HOMIE serial rock breakers are able to fragment hard material such as Bauxite, Granite, and Basalt rocks in a mere few

strokes. The harder the rock, the easier it is for our breakers to do their job. This significantly improves productivity

levels at opencast mines and quarries.Other advantages of our mining and quarrying breakers include low wear and

tear, increased user friendliness, and precise flexibility. We have ISO 9001 Quality Management System and CE







1. Selected raw material - high quality heavy duty wear resistant steel
2. Hydraulic-gas system, increase stability
3. High-quality and durable wear parts
4. Advanced manufacturing facilities, introduced from South Korea
5. High energy and impact frequency (high performance)
6. High-performance optimized hydraulic unit
7. Low maintenance, less breakdown, long using life



HOMIE dedicated mounting kits enable hydraulic breakers to be mounted as:



1. Mini excavator attachments

2. Skid steer attachments

3. Backhoe attachments

4. Wheel loader attachments

5. Full size excavator attachments





Item Carrier Weight Chisel Diameter  Operating Weight Required Oil Flow Operating Pressure   Impact Rate
Unit Ton Mm Kg Side L/min Bar Bpm
HMBR450 1.2--3 Φ45 99 20-40 90-120 700-1200
HMBR530 2.5--4.5 Φ53 132 25-50 90-120 600-1100
HMBR680 4--7 Φ68 275 40-70 110-140 500-900
HMBR750 6--9 Φ75 407 50-90 120-150 400-800
HMBR850 7--14 Φ85 561 60-100 130-160 400-800
HMBR1000 11--16 Φ100 842 80-110 150-170 350-700
HMBR1350 16--21 Φ135 1609 100-150 160-180 350-600
HMBR1400 18--26 Φ140 1950 120-180 160-180 350-500
HMBR1550 28--35 Φ155 2655 120-200 160-180 300-450
HMBR1650 30--45 Φ165 2915 150-200 180-200 200-350
HMBR1750 40--55 Φ175 4167 160-220 220-260 200-350
HMBR1800 45--55 Φ180 4336 170-220 240-280 200-300
HMBR1850 50--60 Φ185 4482 170-230 240-280 200-250
HMBR1900 55--65 Φ190 4868 170-230 240-300 180-200


Breaker Detail 


 HMBR680 breaker for 4-8 T excavator use



 HMBR1000 breaker for 10-18 T excavator use


 HMBR1400 breaker for 18-26 T excavator use


 HMBR1550 breaker for 26-33 T excavator use


 HMBR1650 breaker for 30-38 T excavator use



 HMBR1750 breaker for 36-40 T excavator use  

 HMBR1850 breaker for 40-45 T excavator use

   Breaker Production Process











Scope of Application



Our breaker petential application include:Rock breaking, Slag breaking, Reducing oversize maerial, Concrete

breaking and recycling, Road construction, Sidewalk and curb construction, Commercial/ selective demolition,

C&D recycling/sorting,Underwater application, Scaling and tunnel excavation, Site excavation, Trenching.




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