HMBS Serial Screening Bucket

HOMIE HMBS series Screening Bucket designed for mounting on 14-35Ton excavator.Mainly using for primary screening of waste materials, demolition materials, landfill materials, stone recycling, cobblestone, natural stone cleaning, etc.Available model HMBS04 HMBS06 HMBS08

Product Design Concept:

Compared to the traditional screening bucket,  HMBS serial screening bucket  greatly reduced depth of the rotary screen, increasing the capacity of the bucket, realizing one time loading, twice screening, meanwhile reduce the excavator  initial driving oil consumption . Make the screening work more efficient and save money for customers.



  1. HARDOX Wear Plate used in Shell make it with long lifetime, low maintenance cost
  2. Top quality HARDOX 600 Wear plate used in rotary drum,enough to afford the impact when ratating.
  3. Original imported motor with stable performance
  4. Screen mesh size can be selected according to material size(10*10mm--120*120mm);
  5.  Lengthen digger and shorter drum design, one time load more material, reduce drum loading capacity. Realize one time loading, twice screening. Higher efficiency, lower oil consumption

Scope of Application

1.    Soil Screening
2.    Quarry - for sorting
3.    Mining( Copper mining, Gold mining, Manganese mining diferent size rock separation

How we make the quality good and stable?  


Best Raw Material( Original Sweden SSAB produced steel plate)



High performance and stability Motor+gear box

Screener Motor+Gear Box  Specification


Screening Bucket  Specification

From the bill find the right type to match your excavator for working


HOMIE Bucket  Screener Drawing(Model 04 and 08)




Products details 




Screening Bucket Production Process







Screening Bucket Install Instruction 


1.    On the screening bucket we already set aside –inlet and outlet oil pipe( see left picture 1)

2.    If your excavator had installed hydraulic breaker, then there is a breaker pipeline, see right picture 2)

3.    Connect the inlet and outlet oil pipe directly to the breaker pipeline on the excavator  will be ok. 

** If your excavator there is no pipeline, we will provide a full set pipeline for your install on the excavator then connect to the screening bucket  



Working Efficiency for Reference


  For screen mesh 4cm*8cm- per hour can screening 40 CBM



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