How a scrap car dismantled?

Our car dismantling attachment is made of a clamp and pincer system , making this a formidable, fast 1 man job. Clients are reporting back of dismantling up to 80 cars per day.

There are many items that have to be scrapped once they exceed their longevity and are unfit for use. Used car that has finished its life, also known as scrap car, has to be dismantled and recycled by means of a proper procedure.

Once the dismantling of scrap car reaches this stage, the fluids present in the scrap car is removed, such as the coolant, fuel, brake fluid, air conditioning gas, power steering fluid etc. These are removed by using a special pump which is then placed for individual treatment followed by disposal. This almost leaves the vehicle in a completion stage.

The engine and gear box are removed subsequently followed by separation of different components. Initially it involves separation of steel and alloy components, followed by plastics and other hazardous material present in clutch, brake linings and other remaining fluids. The fuel tank and supply lines of the scrap car are then removed including the brake pipes which leave a bare shell that can be crushed and melted down for use in products such as car, coke tin, box etc.

Effective recycling of scrap car involves recycling more than 90 percent of the vehicle and this has a beneficial effect on the environment, causing as little damage as possible and at the same time it also offers value for the parts that have been dismantled and recycled.


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