HMBS Serial Bucket Screener

Homie HMBS series bucket screeener designed for mount on 7-35Ton excavator.Mainly using for primary screening of waste materials, demolition materials, landfill materials, stone recycling, cobblestone, natural stone cleaning, etc.Available model HMBS06 HMBS08 HMBS10 HMBS20.

Products Introduction

The rotary screen bucket equipped with high capacity open fronted drum design and simple hammer line fed operation, The rotary screen bucket comes equipped around the drum inner circumference  and replaceable sections in the conical rear area of the drum.


  1. The screen hole is not easy to be blocked,  stable operation , and   low noise;
  2. Simple structure, convenient maintenance,screening cylinder is easy to screen;
  3. Using special screen, high screening efficiency, long service life;
  4. Screen mesh size can be selected according to material size(10*10mm--80*80mm);

Scope of Application

  1. Used in stone yard for grading and separating the soil and stone powder
  2. Used in sand and stone separation
  3. The coal industry in used for separation of lumps from pulverized coal and Coal washing
  4. Chemical industry, mineral processing industry for the classification of fine and fine blocks and separation of powdery substances.

How we make the quality good and stable? This is the customers concern


Best Raw Material( Original Sweden SSAB produced steel plate)

 Shell- Hardox  NM400


Screen- Hardox NM600


High performance and stability Motor+gear box

Screener Motor+Gear Box  Specification


Screener Specification

From the bill find the right type to match your excavator for working


HOMIE Bucket  Screener Drawing


Products details :









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