HM06 Swing Orange Peel Grab for 9-16T excavator

A swing orange peel grab usually mounted on a long boom excavator for scrap metal, bulk material handling use

Products Introduction



Scrap grab  is an effective tool for handing or loading and unloading bulk cargoes such as ore, steel slag, scrap metal, nickel ore, garbage, sugarcane, and wood chips in various harsh environments. HOMIE orange peel grabs are the best solution.The specific shell model depends on the material which has to be handled. Grab Volume from 0.5m³~1.5m³.





1. Low overall height for limited area

2.Robust structure & optimum weight

3. Maximized Grapping capacity

4. Special heat-treatment & long life

5.Hose guard, cylinder high pressure hose installed inside

6.Shock-absorption-Cushion Cylinder

7.Full 360 degree hydraulic rotation







Scrap Grapple Classification and Drawing Chart




  Scrap Grapple Production Process







Scope of Application







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