HM04 Small Screening Bucket ( 6-8T Excavator use)

A smaller screening bucket designed for railway maintenance use. mainly mounted on 6-8 Ton excavator , for screening the ballast for filling on the sleepers


What is a Screening Bucket 

          A screening bucket is an attachment adapted to  construction machines. It mounts on the end of the crane or excavator
arm  and is used to filter through materials picked up during a project. Some screening buckets will have teeth, to help dig up
the Earth. When used on an excavator, you can get a lot of different uses out of a screening bucket and simply a variety of
        A screening bucket widely used in Soil Screening. Mixed material sepration , different size solid material sorting in mining.



Why do You Need a Screening Bucket like HMBS !!!

            You may have known some about screening buckets already, or understand it's use, but not fully knows what  benefit 
it can bring to your projects. Actually there are lots of  varities  in the screening buckets, especially when it comes with different
width and size. Based on the work you need to do and your loader information , a specific model of screening bucket should be
choosen. HMBS serial screening bucket with an ideal design can give you best solution on your screening work.


Design Concept: More Efficiency, More Economical !!!

           Compared to traditional screening bucket,Model HMSB08 greatly reduced the depth of rotary screen,
increased the depth of rotary screen, increased the capacity of the bucket, realizing one time loading, twice 
screening, meanwhile reduce the excavator initial driving oil consumption.Make the screening work more 
efficienctand money for saving.




Technical Sheet

Load Volume Drum    0.4 m³
Drum Diameter          800mm
Drum Depth               500mm
Bucket Opening         920mm
Bucket Height            1335mm
Bucket Out Length     1557mm
Weight                        618kg
Oil Flow                       60L/Min
Screen Mesh              20/120mm
Rotation Speed          60rpm/min( Max)
Suitable Excavator     6-8T




                             Scope of Screening Mesh 20mm--120mm

Quality Assurance
   1.        Screener    Shell --6 month
  2.        Screener    Motor--12 month
 3.         Rotray  Screen   --6month


Install Instruction to Excavator 
1.    On the screening bucket we already set aside -inlet and outlet oil pipe( see left picture 1)
2.    If your excavator had installed hydraulic breaker, then there is a breaker pipeline, see
 right picture 2)
3.    Connect  inlet and outlet oil pipe directly to the breaker pipeline on the excavator  will be ok. 
** If your excavator there is no pipeline, we will provide a full set pipeline for your install on the 
excavator then connect to the screening bucket

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