Higher efficiency Bucket Crusher HMBC225B


Compared to the first generation crusher HM200, the improved model HMBC225B will bigger size and much higher performance.

It can crush Basalt, Granite, Limestone, River Stone and etc. Any hard material can crush the requested size.

With  features:

  1. Shell- made of 90% NM material HARDOX 400
  2. Crushing plate- Made of 18% Mn steel
  3. Built in fly wheel
  4. Discharge hole adjustable from 20mm-120mm .

5.Internal thickening structure more strong

6.Easily changeable crushing plate- screws fastened


What aspects are customers concern?

  1. Crushing Volume :( For your reference)

    1) HMBC08 suitable for 13-20T excavator , feed hole 740*500mm,Discharge hole 20mm-Crushing 10T/Hour.
      Discharge hole adjusted to 40mm- Crushing 15T/Hour.

    2)HMBC08 suitable for 22-30T excavator , feed hole 900*500mm,Discharge hole 20mm-Crushing 14T/Hour.
      Discharge hole adjusted to 40mm- Crushing 20T/Hour
      As the Discharge hole bigger and bigger, Crushing volume more and more.

    2. How to Change the Crushing Plate? 

      As known the Crushing Plate is a consumables, customer may has the doubt it is  complicated to change?
      See the instruction picture shows- it is easily to change. Operate your excavator rise the crusher, you will 
     see the fixed screws on the back. each side with 5 screws, just loosen them then change the plate. 
     3. Stone Jam/Stuck  in the Crusher Jaw, How to do? 

      The crusher is operated by Dual-directional foot valve, if jam, reverse operation,
       the stuck object will be spit out.
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