Heavy Duty Steel Shear- HDS-350A( 30Ton Grade)

Heavy Duty Steel Shear- HDS-350A( 30Ton Grade) for large steel cutting- Railway Track, beam, scrap car beam

      HDS-350A Scrap Shear Technical Sheet

Equipment use & Parameter:

The equipment mainly used in steel structure cutting, scrap car dismantling
and etc. With a  particularly prominent in aspects of scrap steel processing plants, scrap ship dismantling
plants and steel structure workshops demolition 

Data Sheet -HDS-350A Shear

1 Equipment Model HDS-250R
2 Suitable Excavator 28~39t (Install on front arm)
3 Suitable Excavator 20~28t( Install on long reach arm)
4 Max Opening 550mm
5 Blade Depth 620mm
6  Max Working Pressure 32MPa
7 Whole Length 3620mm
8  Hydraulic Motor Power 150ml/r,USA Danfoss
9  Hydraulic ControlValve USA Danfoss
9 Weight 3900kg
  Hydraulic motor drive(360°rotating),with accelerated valve
 Equipment Advantage:

1,Using high-power and big volume cylinders, the root shear force can reach 250 tons;  max opening
can reach 460mm,can realize the shearing of beams.



2,The shear front cutting structure using  Sweden HARDOX  wear plate, which has a perfect
combination of hardness and strength, resistant to wear, and does not deform during large tonnage
shearing, thereby meeting the requirements of harsh working conditions.

  3,The core components are from international famous brands, such as hydraulic motors and control
valve blocks from American Danfoss. The hydraulic system has precise control, large output torque,
stable performance and long service life.

  4.The hydraulic system is designed with an    5.Double-sided guide adjustment device to ensure the 
accelerated valve to increase the operating      best cutting performance.
speed of the cylinder, improve the working
efficiency .
  6,The production process of the shear is under instruction craftsmanship to ensure the quality
of the end product. The edge of the steel plate adopts multi-layer and multi-pass welding,
make sure perfect effect, and the welding quality is guaranteed to be reliable. The flaw detection
is carried out after welding to ensure there are no defects. The structural parts are machined by
CNC center, with high assembly accuracy.


Different installation on Excavator

1). Install on front arm



2). Install on long reach arm



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