Forestry Equipment Timber Trailer Crane& Log Grapple

     HOMIE offers a full set Forestry Equipment- Timber Trailer, 3 point hitch, Rotating
Log Grapples.Forestry timber trailers with demoutable cranes for all applications with capacities from 1 to 6
tons and cranes up to 7.6 metres reach.

Forestry Equipment Timber Trailer Log Grapple

We offer a full serial Timber Trailer Crane and Log grapples to meet our customers' all kinds of needs 

Log Grapple + Hydraulic Rotators 



Rotating Log Grapple Specification


3 Point Hitch Specification(4.2-7.6 Meters)


Timber Trailer Specification(1-6T Capacity)


Timber Trailer+ Crane+Log Grapple Pictures 



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