Bracket Options Excavator Soil Compactor

HOMIE Flexible Excavator Soil Compactor designed for mount on 4-30Ton excavator.Our flexible bracket compactor designed to realize one compactor could mounting on different excavators.

Products Introduction

Our flexible bracket compactor designed to realize one compactor could mounting on different excavators.The compactor with a flexible bracket fastened by screws can be changed  with different pin size to comply with different tonnage excavators request. In such a design realize one compactor multiuse, this already recognized by our customers for the purpose of cost saving.


Environmental protection: full hydraulic pressure drive to achieve low-noise operation, construction
does not affect the surrounding environment.

Universality: the power source is diversified. According to the site conditions, all brands and models
of excavators can be equipped to truly realize the universality and economy of products and meet the
requirements of multi terrain construction.

Safety: the construction personnel shall not touch the construction and adapt to the safety construction
requirements of complex terrain

High performance: the exciting force of hydraulic vibration rammer is obviously greater than that of
ordinary plate vibration rammer, and the amplitude is ten times or even dozens of times of that of real
ordinary plate vibration rammer. It has the effect of impact compaction, the thickness of filling layer is
large, and the degree of compaction can meet the requirements of high-grade foundation such as
expressway. It can be used together with vibratory roller to deal with the side angle, abutment back, etc.

High configuration: the use of the United States pomco hydraulic vibration motor, durable.
Adopt Sweden imported cylindrical roller bearing, low noise, high speed and reliable.
High strength plate and high wear-resistant plate are selected for key parts to ensure quality.
AB integral hydraulic valve block is used at the motor connection part to protect the motor to a greater

Customizable: customized according to the different needs of customers.


Difference with Fixed Whole Bracket







Hydraulic Plate Compactor Specification
Name/Model HM04 HM06 HM08 HM10
Suitable excavator(ton) 4 11-16 17-23 23-30
Power of Impulse(ton) 4 6.5 15 15
Maximum vibration frequency (rpm) 2000 2000 2000 2000
Oil Flow (l/min) 45-75 85-105 120-170 120-170
Pressure(kg/cm2) 100-130 100-130 150-200 150-200
Weight(kg) 300 500 900 950
Bottom Measurement((L*W*T, mm) 900*550*25 1160*700*28 1350*900*30 1350*900*30
Height(mm) 760 920 1060 1100
Width(mm) 550 700 900 900

Product Processing

      Scope of Application

The excavator vibrating compactor plate can be applicable to horizon compaction, step compaction,
bridge abutment, the trench pit compaction, sub grade compaction, the corner turning point, backfill
compacted, concrete pavement patching compacted, tube side compaction etc, our hydraulic
compactor can also be used for pulling piles and broken when necessary.






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