HOMIE 20T Class Excavator Crushing Bucket

HMBC225B bucket crusher suitable for 20-29T excavator mounting use, mainly used for crushing construction waste, stone,asphalt,reinforced concrete,glass and etc, for the purpose of oversize material size reduce.

HMBC225B bucket crusher for 20-30T excavator use



HMBC225B Crusher Bucket Details to Show:


一、Main parts introduction:


Italy original imported SAI brand motor, stable quality no need additional maintenance cost, long lifetime.

2. Fly wheel design

Traditional design is belt. Its main defect is- after working 500 hours need to be changed, this we call a wearing part. While with fly wheel design there no need additional cost.

3.Discharge hole

A changeable discharge hole can be adjusted based on your material size wanted at the scope of 20mm-120mm.

4. 25 thickened side plate

The thickened  side parts can afford the material impact when bucket digging and crushing

5.Hardox crushing plate

Brand HARDOX wear plate made the crushing plate make it a long lifetime. on average 8 hours per day, 6 months change one set crushing plate

6. Hardox digging bucket

The digging bucket front part using hardox wear plate give a long lifetime,while weight lighter


HMBC225B Crusher Working Efficiency for Reference:

1.    Crushing construction waste/concrete- discharge hole 4cm- one hour crushing about 40-50T

2.    Crushing Blue stone( hard rocks)- discharge hole 4cm- one hour crushing about 20T

 Discharge hole bigger, crushing much more


三、 Material can be crushed


四、HMBC225B Crusher Drawing to Show





七、 Customer concern issues:

1. If the crusher jaw stuck(jam)?

The crusher is operated by Dual-directional foot valve, if jamed,reverse operation,
   the stuck object will be spit out,then re-start.

2.How to change the wear out crushing plate

Rise the crusher bottom,loosen the screws, easier to change.see the pictures


八、 Products pictures:











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